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Board of Directors

NELCWIT's board is a collection of community members who represent various social and cultural groups, professions, life experiences, and backgrounds. We aspire to maintaining a robust board of directors that reflects the diversity of the agency staff and the communities NELCWIT serves, and we welcome interest from anyone interested in potentially joining the board.

2020 Board of Directors

Pam Brown, President

Karen Fitzpatrick, Vice President

Jessica Calabrese, Secretary

Ginger Robinson, Treasurer

Valerie Agnew

Laura Arbeitman

Roma Estevez

Penny Ricketts

Board members commit to:

  • A 2-year term with the option of renewal.

  • Attending board meetings, which are generally held monthly on the last Thursday of the month, 5:30 - 8:00 p.m.

  • Serving on at least one board committee and attending committee meetings as needed, in addition to regular board meetings. Members serve on committees that best suit their skills, experience, and interest.

  • Supporting the fundraising and development goals of the agency by serving on one fundraising committee or event per year.

  • Making a financial contribution to the organization at a level that is personally significant to each member, as determined by that member. There is no pre-determined level of donation required of board members.

  • Being a goodwill ambassador/representative of the agency in the wider community and to various constituencies.

  • Actively supporting and engaging in the agency's anti-racist mission and efforts.

  • Preserving the confidentiality of matters pertaining to the agency.

For more information about how you can be a part of the NELCWIT Board of Directors, please contact our office at (413) 772-0871 or

For immediate crisis intervention, please call our 24/7 Crisis Hotline: 413-772-0806

The policies of NELCWIT prohibit any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, gender, gender identity or gender expression, age, marital status, national origin, mental or physical disability, political belief or affiliation, veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, and any other class of individuals protected from discrimination under state or federal law with respect to employment, volunteer participation and the provisions of services.