Prevention & Outreach

Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Education

Domestic and sexual violence are public health problems that affect individuals and communities on multiple levels. We believe that the most effective way to address these issues is to work on primary prevention, or in other words, preventing violence before it ever happens. To do this, we focus on culture change by working with the community to build capacity in responding to violence, deconstruct problematic media, think critically about gender and gender norms, and change the way we view violence and survivors of violence. We believe domestic and sexual violence to be problems that everyone has a stake in, and by fostering community involvement, we create a society in which everyone is held accountable for violence prevention. We use The Social Ecological Model to help us visually understand that behavior change must happen on multiple levels of influence: Individual, Relationship, Community, and Societal to be truly effective; this notion guides our prevention work.

Through collaborations with local schools and community groups, we work with youths and adults from all parts of the community.  During the last year, we have offered workshops and presentations for middle school and high school students; human service, education, and criminal justice professionals; and local youth groups. We invite everyone to join us in this work, and encourage you to reach out to request a prevention program for your group or organization by contacting

For immediate crisis intervention, please call our 24/7 Crisis Hotline: 413-772-0806

For walk-in assistance, please come to our Greenfield location during the following hours:

Monday-Thursday, 9A-4P
Friday, 9A-1:30P

We are located at 479 Main St., Greenfield, MA