The New England Learning Center for Women in Transition (NELCWIT) is the rape crisis and domestic violence center of Franklin County and the North Quabbin

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

NELCWIT Offices will be opening at 10 this morning, to allow road crews ample time to clear the roads and our staff to arrive safely.

Should you need immediate assistance please call our 24/7 Crisis Hotline:

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Miercoles el 15 de Marzo

Las oficinas de NELCWIT se abrirán a las 10 esta manana, para dar tiempo suficiente a las tripulaciones de carreteras para que cuiden las carreteras y que el personal llegue con seguridad.

Si necesita ayuda inmediata, llame a nuestra Línea Directa de Crisis 24/7:

413.772.0806 o sin cargo 888.249.0806


Greenfield Women’s Solidarity Rally Raises over $1,600 for NELCWIT



Participants at the January 21st Women’s March on Washington Greenfield MA Sister Rally did more than raise their voices in support of women’s rights and human rights, they raised $1,642.13 for NELCWIT. NELCWIT (New England Learning Center for Women in Transition) is the Greenfield-based non-profit organization that is the domestic violence and rape crisis center for Franklin County and the North Quabbin region. NELCWIT’s mission is to work within the community to build safety, justice, and dignity for all. 

The donation was collected by Rally volunteers with buckets that said “Donations to cover Rally expenses. Everything collected over Rally expenses will be donated to NELCWIT.” Rally participants put $2,122.13 and one guitar pick in the buckets. After paying Rally expenses of $480, Rally organizers Mary McClintock and Cynthia Bleil sent a check for $1,642.13 to NELCWIT and gave the guitar pick to Rally musician Laura Wetzler.


McClintock and Bleil praised the many people and businesses who came together to make the Rally a safe, successful opportunity for people to express their vision of the world they want and the actions they will take to create that world. The organizers especially thank:

  • The Arts Block for providing a sound system and organizing a fundraising concert
  • Laura Wetzler for an energizing pre-Rally concert and for leading us in song
  • Ann Gibson, stage banner creator extraordinaire
  • Pam Brown, Annie Diemand & Jim Smethurst for organizing peacekeepers
  • Claire Chang for handling a million logistical details
  • Marsha Stone for coordinating composting and recycling
  • Franklin County Solid Waste Management District for composting/recycling bins
  • MANY Volunteers for handling even more logistical details
  • Ben and Tom Clark of Clarkdale Fruit Farms for donating apples and cider
  • Lindy Whiton, photographer
  • GCTV and George Aguiar for videography
  • Dorian Gregory, Master of Ceremony
  • Clare Higgins, private citizen and speaker
  • Betty Tegel, Disability Rights activist
  • Janet Aalfs, Lotus Peace Arts
  • Heather Wood, Montague Catholic Social Ministries
  • Sharon Alpert and Gloria Matlock, Racial Justice Rising
  • Nancy Rothenberg, Spirit of the Heart
  • Pat Hynes, Traprock Center for Peace and Justice
  • Ronda Parish, Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts
  • Sharon Gensler, Climate Change activist
  • And all those we didn’t get onto this list!


Rally co-organizer Cynthia Bleil said, “The Rally brought us together to gain strength from each other to take necessary action to create the world we want. We’ve learned from each other, the speakers, and organizers many ways we can each take action. We encourage everyone to use their strengths and passions to decide on a course of action and to then DO IT! We provided the Rally participants with a list of actions they can take. We have heard from many Rally participants about how inspiring and energizing the Rally was. And, we’ve heard from many people who continue to take action.”


Commenting on the impact of the Rally, co-organizer McClintock said, “The spirit and size of the Rally went far beyond our wildest dreams. Clearly, many people wanted an opportunity to gather with others to express themselves. They brought their signs, enthusiasm, hope, and vision to share with everyone on the Town Common and beyond. We also have heard from people who question whether big rallies make a difference. Here’s my response to questions about the effectiveness of rallies such as this one: The Greenfield Women’s Rally has already had many short-term impacts in creating the world we want, including energizing and inspiring thousands of people to take action on local, state, and national issues and providing $1,642.13 to an organization that helps make Franklin County and the North Quabbin region safe. We will never know all of the impacts of this Rally, but they will be felt for years ahead whenever each of the Rally participants takes action or influences someone else to take action. As long-time activist and award-winning author Rebecca Solnit says, ‘It is always too soon to calculate the effect of activism.’”


Videos of the Greenfield Women's Rally, 1/21/17:
---Greenfield Community Television has two videos of the Rally:
            The full Rally program/all of speakers:…/womens-march-washington-greenfield-sister…
            Brief news piece with interviews/etc: 
---Mary McClintock's "Power of One Woman" speech: 
---George Aguiar's 3-minute video of the Rally:



Women’s March On Washington – Greenfield, MA Sister Rally

January 21, 2017, Greenfield Town Common


ACTION: Get together with members of your community, in person, not just online. Join or create a local vigil, create a weekly/monthly “write postcards about issues we care about to our elected representatives” gatherings, create or attend fundraising events for local women’s and progressive organizations, and more. In Franklin County, here are two weekly vigils on the Greenfield Town Common. Who will start Women’s Rights Vigils in Greenfield or other towns?

  • Racial Justice Rising vigil, Saturdays, 9 to 10 a.m.
  • Greenfield Weekly Peace Vigil, Saturdays, 11 a.m. to Noon

ACTION: Contact your local, state, and federal representativesoften. best practices for making Congress listen. Find your representatives at:

ACTION:  Financially support or volunteer at local organizations that support women. For those who live outside of Franklin County, find local organizations by looking online or at local library. Programs serving Franklin County include:

·       Tapestry

·       New England Learning Center for Women in Transition (NELCWIT)

·       Community Action of the Franklin, Hampshire, and North Quabbin regions

·       The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts

·       Franklin County League of Women Voters (now forming)

·       Montague Catholic Social Ministries:

ACTION:  Report hate crimes to the MA Attorney General’s Hate Crime Hotline (800) 994-3228

ACTION:  Take classes in self-defense or self-protection offered by schools that support women:

·       Valley Women’s Martial Arts and Lotus Peace Arts

·       Spirit of the Heart Martial Arts & Wellness Center offers classes in Greenfield.

ACTION:  Support state and national organizations that support women and are otherwise progressive. 

ACTION:  Run for office!

ACTION:  Do what you do.  Put your feminist and progressive poems, films, drawings and paintings, sculptures out into the world. Talk to anyone who will listen, and teach about peace and equality.

ACTION: Practice Radical Self-Care... We need YOU!

For immediate crisis intervention, please call our 24/7 Crisis Hotline: 413-772-0806

To talk to someone in person, please come to our Greenfield location during the following walk-in hours:

Monday-Thursday, 9AM-4PM
Friday, 9AM-1:30PM

We are located at 479 Main St., Greenfield, MA