The New England Learning Center for Women in Transition (NELCWIT) is the rape crisis and domestic violence center of Franklin County and the North Quabbin

At NELCWIT, we change lives, every single day. We cannot do this work alone.

One of our clients, “Jane”, came to see us after a brutal beating by her abuser, “John.” She was terrified and felt completely alone in her pain and fear. After spending an hour with a crisis worker, we assisted her to create a plan involving leaving town to spend a week with her aunt to clear her head. When Jane was about to exit the building, she received a text telling her that if she was with “those people at NELCWIT” he was on the street ready to “bring her home.” Skilled staff helped her to securely leave our office thus safely avoiding a confrontation. And, then we helped her safely get to her aunt’s home. She is now in another state, beginning a new life filled with hope in place of fear.

Such strategic thinking and dedication on the part of our staff is at the heart of our work. In the difficult struggle to protect women from domestic violence such success stories are heartening. Brave women make a call—or come through our door—and our met with care, compassion and support, and a critical first step out of isolation; a step into the embrace of advocates whose training, skill and sensitivity means they are able to provide options that change lives. But we can’t do this work without you.

I am new to NELCWIT, but not to the work of domestic and sexual violence prevention and advocacy. In Vermont, I did every part of the work, including court advocacy, answering the hotline, prevention education, training, and serving as executive director. I am honored to have joined NELCWIT, an organization that has been providing safe options for survivors for over 40 years. It is you, our community, who make our work possible.

Is there any better gift to offer another human than the opportunity for a future full of peace and dreams of success? Or anything more rewarding than to see eyes darkened by fear light up with hope, and to hear the words, “I think I will really be ok!”

NELCWIT counts on friends and supporters like you to continue to keep our programs strong. Please consider making a gift today. Your financial contribution helps us provide the crucial resources for survivors, including 24 hour a day, 7 day a week support to clients, ongoing advocacy work to strengthen laws and protect clients, education and prevention work, and skillful assistance navigating the court system. And we do all this however and wherever it is needed. Because we provide these necessary services, we see our clients find safety and peace.

Thank you for lighting up the lives of so many survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Franklin County and North Quabbin of Massachusetts. Please be as generous as you can.

In Peace,

Rebecca Majoya

Executive Director

100 Who Care 
Franklin County

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For immediate crisis intervention, please call our 24/7 Crisis Hotline: 413-772-0806

To talk to someone in person, please come to our Greenfield location during the following walk-in hours:

Monday-Thursday, 9AM-4PM
Friday, 9AM-1:30PM

We are located at 479 Main St., Greenfield, MA